We are innovators who understand the need to excel in all
areas of business to be successful. We have assembled a
team of exceptionally bright, innovative minds who work on
your behalf to help your company reach greater profits.
Whether you need a full-service financial solution or a single
outsourced department, Rivo Holdings can help.

support your
can trust

We provide unsurpassed customer service while creating a professional and rewarding work environment. Our support team understands their critical role in your customer’s satisfaction as brand ambassadors of your business.


Experience You Can Trust

We understand lending. It’s that simple. We pledge effective and knowledgeable representation for your business. Our executive management team is dedicated to your success and our reputation and history of unrivaled customer service speaks for itself. There’s no substitution for the best.

Dedicated and Loyal Representatives

Our hiring practices attract the best and brightest talent whom live and breathe the customers we work for.  Our culture is built on a bedrock of trust and respect and we treat everyone like family.  We are dedicated to giving our dynamic workforce the best training and a direct path to professional opportunity while offering multifaceted compensation to help maintain high moral.  Having a common passion toward people aligns our workforce with a common purpose to serve.  

Respect that goes beyond the Call

Whether your business is needing a solution on a small scale or is requiring our comprehensive suite of service implementation and monitoring, personnel training, and analytical support, rest assured that we can help.  We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding and our team will be as passionate about your mission as the customers they interact with.  It’s our superlatives that go beyond the call that will win you over.   


Driven by our people-centric philosophy, we play an active role in the local community by donating time and financial resources to local organizations such as the San Diego Food Bank and the San Diego Chapter of Adaptive Sports.


People are our passion. Rivo Holdings provides opportunity and innovation to our team and our customers. Our goal is to promote a welcoming and rewarding employee environment while offering an exceptional and profitable customer experience through the use of cutting edge technology, quality assurance, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We aspire to be an industry innovator while remaining dedicated to maintaining respect, integrity, value and opportunity throughout our operation.

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